Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspiration For the Day

I have some really talented friends...

This is Tony.

(he's so gonna kill me for using this pic :D )

My best friend of almost a year now.

My twin, the guy version of myself.

And this is a poem he wrote today:

I could never tell what you are sometimes

Like clouds floating in my mind I try to figure you out

I find myself having trouble with this

For others they see beauty all I see is a blank canvas

It is not your fault that I don't understand you but then again...

Its your fault for not wanting me too.

All I gotta say is he has some hidden talent...

And I wanna hear more.

Don't you?


  1. cute pic and nice poem..come check out my blog and follow ;-)

  2. yea... that was good!! i want to hear more!! lol.. ooh and "" has some good stuff...

  3. cute, you guys make a nice couple. Have ya thought about dating loll

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    Ms. T