Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams...

Oh sleep. How you elude me...

So I stay at my sister Rena's house during the week and last night was one of the worse nights ever.

1. Mosquitoes were fuckin me up non-stop with no remorse. They even went for the face. So now I have a huge dot on my forhead.

2. I couldn't sleep in the first place and when I finally got tired, I kept gettin bit up.

3. Her cat is a horny bastard. I won't even go into details.

Anyway, I finally got a nap in early this morning and what happens?

I have a friggin nightmare.

It's a story folks so here we go:

In this dream I was trapped in Washington Irving High School merged with Bread and Roses with several other teens.

It went from being both of those schools to being a huge ass castle that was locked and no goddamn body had the effin key.

Now this wasn't your regular horror "some-spirit-or-crazy-person-is-gonna-kill-us-off-one-by-one" movie...

The thing that happened to be attacking us was our own FEARS in the flesh.

I cant really remember what all the other's peoples fears were but (sigh) my fear was being afraid by everybody else's fear.

I got triple the scared.

And woke up with triple the sweat.

But that wasn't my ONLY fear, I also feared I would be in an unknown place and all these people would turn on me and try to kill me zombie style.

R.I.P. to the King of Pop.

But anyway, these fears are threatening to really be my undoing when the principal of the schools/castle comes out of nowhere and releases me.

This character was played by my sister's on again and off again boyfriend Jack, owner of the Den, 13oth streets famed restaurant.

He releases me from the school, or so it seems.

Because to top it all off I got a NEW fear:

Not being able to escape or get home.

So it's all this vivid, vicious cycle spinning around and around and around in my head until....

The ringing phone wakes me up.

I have never been more grateful for telemarketers in my life.
And trust me I'm NEVER grateful.
(inconsiderate bastards)

Anyway just had to share folks, and I'll lay off the snacks before bedtime...


  1. shouldn't went more in depth about that horny cat lol
    i never heard of a horny cat.
    and i have nightmares all the time they're crazy

  2. horny cat ???? lol .. nice blog

  3. OuCH a mosquito bite on the forehead!! .. geesh .. i thought they go for meat... but that dream was crazy.. lol!!