Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Post of Frustration

Dear Internet Explorer 8,

FUCK YOU! You were an update, meaning, you were supposed to make my internet a happier place to be. A more CONVIENT place to be. Somewhere where I would have no difficulty trying to open the random links that my friends and followers send me. HOW DARE YOU suck such DIRTY BALLS with your browser suggestions and lack of the ability to let me open a new tab? Our relationship was short and it shall remain so. I'm going back to 7. You Dicklet.

Love, Keisha

(inspired by simone )

P.S. You're the Dead one.


  1. I feel the exact same way...and now i only use firefox

  2. i feel you 100%.. sadly i don't know how to switch it back ):

  3. omfg. u just gave me new words dicklet, never heard that one b4!!!!!!!!! amazing.
    heres my blog by the way.