Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Great One...

Dom is killing me with these poems...

How do you guys feel about this one?


I don't even wanna look at you

You fry cook of a lover you burned me

I gave you tender loins and you gave me medium rare

How dare you show your face?

I should've known

You are a court of toxic energy

With a Cespool hoop

How dare you wave at me?

Go drown yourself in your water hole of a vagina

That all the townsmen just happen to take a swim in

Then go hang yourself

See if your gag reflex kicks in then.


Dom O Briggs everyone...

Highlight of my day...

So this guy here is a good friend of mine.
Dom O Briggs. UDUB Poet.
And I just came across an old freewrite he did.
My Angel...
Check it out:
This is what happens when God's favorite angel
Didn't wanna go home she
Butchered her wings
Leaving them in sea of blood
Floating aimless
Like she did when I met her
She used her halo to do it
Sharpened with her heart
Which was the roughest thing she owned
Plus it was on her sleeve
That was my fault
I told her God wouldn't mind if you just spend a lil more time
Besides I waited 17 years just to say hi and I'll
Be damned if he takes you from me now
But I forgot he was a jealous guy
All this talk of leaving him for me got him steamed
Heaven's Gate Express had to leave the station with her
On it so, he sent him to take her
Didn't you say thou shall not kill?
You did.... then why is the Grim Reaper working for you?
You made him take her
So, Im here in the sea of her blood and feathers drowning
So, this is what happends when God's favorite angel didn't want to go home

Just let it marinate for a sec...
(moment of silence)
Don't get mad at me people but I soo want to molest his brain.
Leave your comments below...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's sad...

It's sad when the only place you can really trust to express your feelings is on a social network.

Because people in general are untrustworthy lint infested little bastards.

Damn, I sound like a pessimist.

But random food for thought.


So I got kicked out of my own house last Friday.

The story:

Talked to my sis Rena at like 7 p.m. when I was leaving the nursing home from seeing Grandma.

Got in my house, chilled with my friend Amanda.

My cell phone in my bag in the other room.

My slow ass DSL plugged up into the main line of the phone.

Apparently Rena, Lena and Neicey (my 3 sisters) were trying to call me all night.

Rena busts through the front door (because Rena has a key) at like 12 a.m.

And it all goes downhill from there.

Here's where I'm at fault: I shoulda known these crazy women were gonna be calling me.

I shouldn't have been so careless as to think they would leave me alone for a night.

Because they "love me" too much.

Here's where Rena is at fault. She let her temper get the best of her.

And I really don't like it when people hit or choke me.

Here's where I'm at fault again:

I gave her a black eye.


Not my fault her eye was sensitive....

Anyway, my sisters took the keys to my house and they kicked me out.

I'm now staying with my godmother Kelly.

The fuckery is just so great it's ridiculous.

So here are my options:

1) Stay with Kelly and endure contacting my sisters for every little thing while knowing that I can't live in my own damn house for it...and continue to be unhappy

2). Fight for my apartment. Stay with a sympathetic relative .Change the locks. Call the cops because taking my keys is technically illegal...But then I wouldn't have any ties with them. As in relaionship wise, and plus they're still giving me money and things (I have no idea why, I remember Rena screaming "get the fuck out my life" so...)


3). Be on the street. Which isn't an option really.

I'm trying to get my school situation together, I had a job interview the other day, what more can I do?

Sighness...Just gonna do what I do best...

Bottle my emotions, make it into a weapon of mass destruction and throw it at people...

Figuratively of course.

Humor me, what's you're opinion?

From left to right: Rena, Lena, Me and Neicey.

Horrible, HORRIBLE, picture...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Apologize...

Neglect. I know.
But when DSL makes ur internet connection go from an adolescent to senior citizen then you don't really want to do all the extra-ness of blogging.
Plus there's been drama within my household.
I got into a fist fight with my sister yesterday. And all three of my sisters don't want me to stay in MY apartment.
And they took my keys. So for now I'm gonna bide my time, then change the locks on them suckers.
But these blogs are going to be scarce. I have to take care of myself right now.
But don't worry I'll be back before you'll miss me.
Thanx for understanding.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lie With Me

This was my shit.


2 emotionally unstable people have a fling and fall in love.

Girl: Slightly promiscouous, revels in sexual freedom, the anonymity.

Guy: Emotionally confused, needs attention, loves the mystery she provides.

She: Not ready to feel anything more than lust, runs from him

He: Chases her.

She: Realizes she wants to be with him. Pursues him. Is rejected. Runs.

He: Chases her. Gets the girl.

But the best part about this movie is that most of this is said without words.

The images. Those are more powerful than anything said in this movie.

It makes you FEEL rather than LISTEN.

I connected with it in so many ways...

I am Him.

Emotionally vunerable.

In need of someone to love and nurture my emotions.

I am Her.

Craving liberation.

Lost yet found in my own conviction.

I need this on DVD.

The Old Me

So I was looking on some computers for some pictures of me.
I wanted some pictures that show when I was a little happier.
A little bit more smiley.
Before the thousand pounds of stress tried to cut my skull open.

My first webcam pics.
I loved this laptop soo much in those days.
The days when there weren't any worn out stains, the sound still worked and I didn't have a problem with webcam.

There was a HUGE pimple on my nose. And it wouldn't go away.
It was more of a bump then anything.
How annoying.

And I call this one "Sunshine before the Rain".

I miss me. The old me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Bruise Easily...

I've always been a little fragile...
And I took that pic by the way...I love it
Here's a PSA for you:
People are often sensitive.
You can't just say anything and expect them not to be offended.
And you can't expect to offend them repeatedly without retaliation or retribution.
The Heart is a dangerous organ, it's killed many people I once knew.
You don't want the bruises.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Update on Weekend Fuckery:

Someone didn't slash the tires. They just took the caps off and let the air seep out...





*end fuckery*

To answer some of the comments on that post, since for whatever reason I don't feel like doing it ON the post:

"Dub", Raina said she never went to Hackensack High but she did go to Dwight Morrow or something like that.

Miss Odukoya xx, DON'T PANIC! PANIC JUST MAKES THINGS WORSE...and silly looking.

P.s. Thanx about the outfit, but cause of the shoes I have mosquito bites all over my feet. And they're swollen.

And also for the click the link post...TRY AGAIN! teehee

SMH though. They really took the caps off. WTF?!

Welp. What can you do?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just click the link!!

Click HERE and proceed...
Thank you.

Weekend Fuckery...

Hold on tight folks, it's a long one...

Let's see if my writing skills are sharp enough to make this short.

My Weekend:

Went up to jersey to visit my cousin Raina .

She lives in hackensack. Wanted to go to Club Abyss in sayreville to see Pleasure P.

Btw, dude was twisted!

Saw lots of groupies. And lots of drunk men.

I had fun, but if I go to a club next time, remind me to go with a bunch of lesbians, they seemed to have more fun.

Anyway, we get out of the club at 2:00 a.m.

And the valet gives Raina her car back.

With 2 flat tires....

Now when we went to the club, our tires were fine.


a) someone slashed her DAD'S tires. mind u its not her car


b) the valet drove over something. bastards.

At this point they're rushing us to get off of the premises and by the time we do, we realize that we don't know how to change a tire.

We proceed back to the club where they tell us that because we already vacated the premises that there is nothing they can do.

And they're laughing.

2 of the bouncers were nice enough to help us...but they just made shit worse.

We needed a jack to elevate the car so they could try and change the tires.

What went wrong:

1. The spare tire was a flat tire and we needed another tire anyway

2. The only reason the jack was able to lift the car up high enough was because the tires were flat. Trying to put the tires back on resulted in...impossibility.

So it's 3 a.m. and we're stuck an hour away from Hackensack, with no food or money, an almost dead car battery and 2 flat tires. That aren't even on the car.

Plus this is Raina's DAD's car. So you know we in for some shit.

Especially since we found out that she didn't exactly tell him she was going to a club...

Raina, Raina, Raina...

So she calls Dad knowing she about to get her ass Kicked, smashed, Killed...

And he doesnt answer.
So now we're stranded.
How are we gonna get home???
We call a tow truck.

At 3:30 a.m.

And they're just down the street, like a mile away or so.

They didn't get to us until 6 a.m.


My mosquito bites are atrocious.

But on TOP of all of that, we had to pay extra to get the tires put back on.

In short:

A night of fun at the club: $20

A ride home from the club in a tow truck : $275

Seeing the look on Raina's dad's face when we pulled up at 8 a.m. (IN THE RAIN) :


Atleast my outfit was cute:

A product of raiding Raina's closet.

What a night.