Monday, August 10, 2009

Lie With Me

This was my shit.


2 emotionally unstable people have a fling and fall in love.

Girl: Slightly promiscouous, revels in sexual freedom, the anonymity.

Guy: Emotionally confused, needs attention, loves the mystery she provides.

She: Not ready to feel anything more than lust, runs from him

He: Chases her.

She: Realizes she wants to be with him. Pursues him. Is rejected. Runs.

He: Chases her. Gets the girl.

But the best part about this movie is that most of this is said without words.

The images. Those are more powerful than anything said in this movie.

It makes you FEEL rather than LISTEN.

I connected with it in so many ways...

I am Him.

Emotionally vunerable.

In need of someone to love and nurture my emotions.

I am Her.

Craving liberation.

Lost yet found in my own conviction.

I need this on DVD.


  1. lol hmmmmm!!!!!!!!! smh in a good way tho lol

  2. deep lol shit now gotta see this movieee!

  3. this looks nice, i want to see it.

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  5. that is a dirty little movie. it was good, but i couldn't get past how... nasty this girl was. thanks for recommending. =]