Monday, August 10, 2009

The Old Me

So I was looking on some computers for some pictures of me.
I wanted some pictures that show when I was a little happier.
A little bit more smiley.
Before the thousand pounds of stress tried to cut my skull open.

My first webcam pics.
I loved this laptop soo much in those days.
The days when there weren't any worn out stains, the sound still worked and I didn't have a problem with webcam.

There was a HUGE pimple on my nose. And it wouldn't go away.
It was more of a bump then anything.
How annoying.

And I call this one "Sunshine before the Rain".

I miss me. The old me.


  1. beautiful pics. You can always go back to the old you whenever you decide to. Dont ever let stress get the best of you. Life is too short to not be as happy!! ;-)

  2. you cute i wish i had someone as cute as you. like tupac said you gotta keep ya head up

  3. Damn.. Ive been feeling the exact samre way for the seems

    but oh yea.!.lls CHECK OUT & FOLLOW!