Monday, August 31, 2009

Highlight of my day...

So this guy here is a good friend of mine.
Dom O Briggs. UDUB Poet.
And I just came across an old freewrite he did.
My Angel...
Check it out:
This is what happens when God's favorite angel
Didn't wanna go home she
Butchered her wings
Leaving them in sea of blood
Floating aimless
Like she did when I met her
She used her halo to do it
Sharpened with her heart
Which was the roughest thing she owned
Plus it was on her sleeve
That was my fault
I told her God wouldn't mind if you just spend a lil more time
Besides I waited 17 years just to say hi and I'll
Be damned if he takes you from me now
But I forgot he was a jealous guy
All this talk of leaving him for me got him steamed
Heaven's Gate Express had to leave the station with her
On it so, he sent him to take her
Didn't you say thou shall not kill?
You did.... then why is the Grim Reaper working for you?
You made him take her
So, Im here in the sea of her blood and feathers drowning
So, this is what happends when God's favorite angel didn't want to go home

Just let it marinate for a sec...
(moment of silence)
Don't get mad at me people but I soo want to molest his brain.
Leave your comments below...

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