Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I got kicked out of my own house last Friday.

The story:

Talked to my sis Rena at like 7 p.m. when I was leaving the nursing home from seeing Grandma.

Got in my house, chilled with my friend Amanda.

My cell phone in my bag in the other room.

My slow ass DSL plugged up into the main line of the phone.

Apparently Rena, Lena and Neicey (my 3 sisters) were trying to call me all night.

Rena busts through the front door (because Rena has a key) at like 12 a.m.

And it all goes downhill from there.

Here's where I'm at fault: I shoulda known these crazy women were gonna be calling me.

I shouldn't have been so careless as to think they would leave me alone for a night.

Because they "love me" too much.

Here's where Rena is at fault. She let her temper get the best of her.

And I really don't like it when people hit or choke me.

Here's where I'm at fault again:

I gave her a black eye.


Not my fault her eye was sensitive....

Anyway, my sisters took the keys to my house and they kicked me out.

I'm now staying with my godmother Kelly.

The fuckery is just so great it's ridiculous.

So here are my options:

1) Stay with Kelly and endure contacting my sisters for every little thing while knowing that I can't live in my own damn house for it...and continue to be unhappy

2). Fight for my apartment. Stay with a sympathetic relative .Change the locks. Call the cops because taking my keys is technically illegal...But then I wouldn't have any ties with them. As in relaionship wise, and plus they're still giving me money and things (I have no idea why, I remember Rena screaming "get the fuck out my life" so...)


3). Be on the street. Which isn't an option really.

I'm trying to get my school situation together, I had a job interview the other day, what more can I do?

Sighness...Just gonna do what I do best...

Bottle my emotions, make it into a weapon of mass destruction and throw it at people...

Figuratively of course.

Humor me, what's you're opinion?

From left to right: Rena, Lena, Me and Neicey.

Horrible, HORRIBLE, picture...


  1. Wow...come live with me so i can have some candy when i wake up in the morning lol ;) but seriously just be strong babe, you'll get thru this.(im here)