Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the New Year Part 2...

This woman is really speaking words I should heed to.

"Chasing things of this world is like trying to chase the wind;

No matter what you do, you'll never catch it.

And you'll run out of breath trying."

-Andrea Felisha.

If you happen to blow my way, then fine.

But I'm definitely not gonna
chase you.

I have

And ain't enough asthma pumps in the world for that.

For the New Year...

So I get a random request on facebook one day...

I don't know the woman who is requesting me at all...

I was very skeptical for valid reasons about accepting her...

But did it anyway.

I'm glad I did. Quote of the day for you:

"Maybe you and (insert name) aren't on the same page for a reason.

Some people aren't meant to take part in your storyline.

Some of us are busy writing novels while others are still listening to bedtime stories."

--Andrea Felisha.

She definitely has a point.

Somehow I know you're gonna randomly read this one day...

"He walks away...

The sun goes down...

He takes the day....but I'm grown".

^^ You would think one could handle heartbreak (or disappointments) as easily as that.

Just say FUCK IT! I'm older now. I know better.

I'm not gonna let it break me like when I was 15.

Or 16...

or 17....

Or...wait. Here we are.



Has anyone seen the new campaign for DIESEL?

It's called Be Stupid.

And lately I've been very very Stupid.

My heart doesn't always tell me which way is up...

And it doesn't tell me if my light bill will be high after shining my light on the world...

But It's all I have.

My Head can easily mislead me.

It could listen to that hoe on the right or even be swayed by that nigga on the left...

But my heart?

It's the most valuable thing in my being.

Take it or leave it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

I really have only two things to say at the moment...Align Center





I will be following you new followers soon!

Thanx for all the love!

And I will inform you on all the drama