Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear Dell Computers,

Who the HELL do you think you are?? I friggin HATE you with an EXTREME passion! How dare you make a Dell Vista sound like such a great deal and then as soon as the warranty runs out, the computer shuts down. Or keeps cutting off. OR DEVELOPS A BAD HARD DRIVE! I believed in you Dell, when everyone said you were trash it was I ALONE who defended you. And you fuck me over. You inconsiderate, shady, greedy mother fuckers. GRRRRRRR! I hope you all die. In a ditch. After getting hit by a PARKED bus and ran over by a motor boat. With glitter, syphillis and your fucking logo on it. Just rot in a ditch in Antartica somwhere. And suffer slowly. Right next to Souljah Boy.

Angry Consumer # 7561234

So if you haven't noticed, I kinda despise my laptop at the moment.

I named her cookie and was sooo in love when I first got her.

Now she cuts off my sentences, shuts me down when I'm having fun and if I try to argue with her, she makes me internet connection slower.


Stupid bitch.

Well she has a bad hard drive. And my broke ass is gonna pay the $60 to get her fixed. Then I'm selling her.

I'm gonna fix her up real nice and then be DONE with Dell for good.

So on that note...Does anybody know who's interested in buying a Dell Vista laptop with a built in webcam for only $700?

(i wish my sister woulda payed $700 for this ishh. she payed like $1400 AND CHANGE. grrr)

Please hit me up when info if you do.

P.S. I might have to take a hiatus if this joint keeps shutting off. But don't worry. I'll always come back.
For now I'm just gonna suffer.

Now, off to send hate mail!!


  1. this blog juuust might be hilarious. i mean, im "old-postin'" my a*s off right now, lol

  2. i should be more like you and start writing death threats to items i hate lol

  3. seems like your Laptop has been sleeping around with my Desktop cause my stupid ish is acting thee same effin' way yours is..
    Grr..them heffas..>:/


  4. All I gotta say is I Love Your Blog (:

  5. this is waaaay too funny. you gone kill me from laughing!!!

  6. you areeeee friggin hilarious.!!