Thursday, June 10, 2010

Real Rap.

I've been feeling really down lately.

I've been taking a second look at everything I have done in my past

I've been re-evaluating who is going to make it my future.

It's been a tough week so far.


Yesterday I was sharing personal secrets with a new friend

I opened up about what I think ruins all of my relationships

And how my guy's ego is so heavy that it's keeping me down.

So of course she fell asleep on me -_-

(like always)

But I woke up this morning to this text message:

"I think that you're beautiful, and that faults are inevitable.
If he's not prepared to help you grow then...

I'm posting this on my blog so I always remember.

Anyone can always be quick to judge

Quick to down you

Quick to leave.

The ones who stick with you during the most painful time

During your most shameful time

Are the ones worth keeping.

As for him and his ego...

I hope he sees that this feeling will pass. I'm still the same person.

With a few mistakes on my belt

And a few whelps from the lessons beaten into me.

If he loves me, he'll grow with me.

I hope he will.

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