Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's None Of Your Business.

I really despise people who talk to you like they know everything.

A young man came up to me the other day saying he knew this and that.

He was basically saying that he could read me and that he knew all there was to know about me and my friend's relationship.

Of course he was talking out of ignorance.

And that's fine if you THINK you know something.

Go ahead.

By why step to me with the bullshit,

Aggravate me,

And make an ass out of yourself?

All of this was completely unnecessary.

So I wrote a little something for him...

You have never been beautiful
Your smile is ugly
Heavy from the arrogance its been lifting
The screech of your voice is skating towards me
Saliva thick with the ignorance you spit.

You are just a boy.

With scrawny limbs
And not enough weight on your tongue
To dishevel the truth of my stature

The next time your lips utter the foul breath of falsehoods
And your cheeks feel an obligation to blow them my way
I will sidestep them as always
Hand you a mint
And pray you survive this stage of puberty


Step to me like a

Man. Stop hiding behind a

Boy's baggy trousers.


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