Monday, June 7, 2010

July 7th Second Freewrite


I loved like graves and gravel


Their silhouette splattered across shit and soil

He went digging.

Made me a crude effigy

Of half-hearted eulogies

And blew farewells that went sailing

In Brooklyn's stale air.

Each beat

Was in tune

With the raspy silence of a funeral.

He went digging.

Past the broken shards of my window opened ribcage

He unlocked the fingertips that glued my secrets together

He tore at the weak adhesive of my words

While I broke bread with the dusted bones

Of the woman I was before him.


He buried me below sea level

I could feel his disgust behind

The chipped white of my chattering teeth

He couldn't feel the remorse beneath

The quivering wrinkles of my lifelines.

A funeral.

A watery grave

I felt his silence

Swimming in my eyelids

His absence

Gripping onto my lashes

Like erased love letters

Like a thief's forgotten tear drops

Like messages chopped, bodied and bottled

In apathetic seas.

The ocean doesn't care who it enters

It entered my lungs

Tickled the bubbles of my breath

I was choking on apologies.

Your lips are life jackets

Jerking away from me

In another world

3 Feet above the surface

Away from me. No wonder

I stopped struggling.

No wonder
I stopped swimming.

I'm sorrys

Just don't float

As easy

As they used to.

(feels like its missing something. thoughts?)

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