Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Nanny Strikes Again

So I go to see my grandma in the nursing home/rehab center where she is staying for the moment...
And of course she just gives me another story to tell.
Me: (kissing grandma on the cheek) I love you Grandma
Grammy: (squirming) yeah yeah
Me: (still kissing) You're so cute! I love you so much
Grammy: (still squirming) Yeah I heard you, get the hell off me now
Me:....NO! (kisses cheek more fiercely) I LOVE YOU!
Grammy: (looks me straight in the eye) Yeah you gonna love my fist in your face too.
(bemused face)
Me: Why you always gotta do me like that ma?
Grandma: (insert evil laughter here)
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Look at her. Lookin all innocent.
She ain't sweet goddammit!!


  1. That sounds just like my grandma

  2. ahh sweet ol gma lol she be whoppuing on ya liek nor morrow huh lol