Monday, June 8, 2009


"You have managed to turn me from a woman of substance into this"-Jill Scott

Insomnia - Jill Scott

I like those unattainable men.

The ones that fight so hard that you can never tell how sensitive they really are.

I like the ones who joke around too much.

The ones who let themself become ruled by the streets

even though

the streets can never love them like I do.

I like men who disappear.

And this applies to all of the people I've dated

slept with

Or had an emotional connection to.

I like those men who keep me up at night



holding my stomach

trying to calm down those persistent butterflies.

I don't like christmas gifts

I don't like saying hi drive bys

I don't like anxiety.

I don't like sleeping.

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...well now that those random thoughts are over....

All of that was inspired by Jill Scott's Insomnia, A conversation with my friend Six and A dream I had a week ago.

And these next lines will forever haunt me. I will always relate to them. And I'm not sure if I will ever be grateful for that.

Thanx Aaron.

(time to wake up, put on my strong face and hope that no one will know)

You have managed to turn me from a woman of substance

Into A

Brick Flying

Calling too damn much

Crying and crying


Way down down low

With flats on

From the opposite side of the bar

Easy Off

Loaded on top of your car


I never intended to be this chick.

Groping at smoke for her mind

Or the readily dissolving remnants of it

After being chased

I've been dismissed

As just an object

Something to play with

You have managed to turn me

From a woman of substance

Into this.

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  1. That was deep I enjoy it, I can identify with all you wrote