Friday, June 26, 2009

And the winner is!!

Welp! I just been tagged on the honest scrap award by the beautifully flawed one :).

I have to write down ten honest truths about myself.

This shall be veryyy interesting!

1. I think I am a dormant raging homo. NOW WAIIIIT A MINUTE! I ain't do no freak nasty with any chicks, it's just that I love looking at women. And lesbian porn. So sue me.

2. I heart porno. There's just something about it that makes me both cringe internally and appreciate the wonders of it all. Cherokee, Cherokee, Cherokee...

3. I didn't know what a "pussy" or a "dick" was until I was 13. While everyone else around me was learning all of this I was off wondering why sailor moon stopped coming on toonami.
4. I'm the jealous type. Most of my exes know this. At times I can reign in my jealousy and other times I'm particularly good at hiding it. But in the end, I wanna kill you. And the bitch who was staring at you across the classroom, two seats to the left in the third row.

5. I love LOOKING at kids. I hate INTERACTING with MOST kids. What some people don't get is that children are monsters and very very cruel. They laugh at retarded kids shamelessy (and while adults do that too, its not the adults who scar the retarded kids. its the raggamuffins) and do other horrible things like raid your panty draw or throw up on ur $80 white blouse. Bastards.

6. I hate hate HATE my legs. They're soo SKINNY and I have to shave wayy too often for my liking. My legs do NOT compliment me in skirts or shorts. To the contrary, they make me look more like a 14 year old. And the knees are wobbly. WHO LIKES WOBBLY KNEES? My sister calls me Chicken for a reason.

7. I don't do white guys but I would do Ryan Zimmerman, class of 2010. Just throwing that out there...

8. The phrase "I'll call you back" absolutely IRKS me to NO end! No matter how necessary it may be.

9. My ex-boyfriend Malcolm used to pyschologically abuse me. I blocked most of that relationship out of my mind but some scars will always stay with you. Literally.

10. I don't know how to ride a bike, nor do I want to learn. When I was younger, I was always forced to go to the annual block party. I HATED it. I hated the crowd and I hated the hyper little boys who used to ride and skateboard around me all the damn time. One time, I was walking with some Kool-Aid in my hand. All I was doing was crossing the street. It was some goodass Kool-Aid because it had all of my attention. I didn't even see the boy on the bike coming until he was damn near on top of me. I got ran over by a bike and the Kool-Aid went flying all over the street. Fuck My Life

Now I must give this wonderful award to five other bloggers.

1. Satara (haha)

2. Starz :)

4. Ashante :D

5. Steven ;-)



  1. thank you!! lol!! mine is so not as good as yours.. once again . i was dying of laughter... and entertained the whole way through... and trust .. i get bored easy and stop reading. lol

  2. haha. i agree with #1,2, a lil of 4 and #5 !