Friday, June 26, 2009

Epiphany of the Day

Shout outs to all the people who actually read my blog.

The old and the new.

You guys make me actually wanna write more entries :)

And it's so weird. This followers thing. It reminds me of people actually listening to me.


Anywhoo, I blogstalk enough to know that when one is randomly looking through a person's blog, something about it must stand out.

Something has to be interesting to catch someone's eye to make them want to read more.

Or follow you.

And frankly I feel that


is alot

of effing pressure!

I mean I'll gladly give my readers something to read but what about all those unknown faces I want to reach out to?

I've been on alot of people's blogs and left feeling like I just wasted my time trying to see if this person's point of view is something that interests me.

It's like you have to have 1 impressive blog up, thats RECENT and isn't old. (you have to be REALLY special to make me go through all of your old posts).

That's why I love you guys who actually sit there and read my pyscho babble.

I could be boring and bland and sucky

or just not your cup of tea.

But there you guys are. To my right. Gradually building in size.

I have 28 followers today.

Tomorrow who knows?

Maybe we could build an army.





But I'll be back with that idea!

1 comment:

  1. sure u can quote me! lol... thats dope!! & im honestly glad i found ur blog.. i swear .. u had me laughing!! a whole lot!. you always get me at the end!! LOL! & u shouldn't feel pressure tho.. cause ppl wouldn't follow u unless they already like your stuff... so i say just continue doing you...
    and i definitely wasted a lot of time going the waste of time blogs lol!