Thursday, March 26, 2009

Money doesn't talk, It SCREAMS

"I take time arrange that (money)...You cannot get jack for free"-Drake
Empty pockets, counting pennies, begging for quarters type of broke.
I lost my keys, which means I have to pay $60 to get them replaced, not to mention I still have to pay my senior dues, pay for my senior pictures and the million other important things I still have to pay for.
I'm crying on the inside.
It seems that no matter what, the universe refuses to let me save or keep money.
And even worse, I'm a responsible (cheap-squeezing dollar) type of person. The one time I treated myself to something nice (I splurged on books. WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT SPLURGES ON BOOKS??) I end up needing that money.
Sometimes I think God hates me.
Like he's just laughing at all of the shit that makes my life so stressful.
The best things in life, like a child's laughter, fun with your friends, a beautiful day to play outside...are free.
BUT how can one provide for that laughing child (or to keep the child laughing. No one laughs on an empty stomach) without money?
Is it really that much fun when your friends want to go take the train downtown but u don't have $4 for a metro card?
And I don't know about the rest of you but I cannot enjoy a beautiful day if I know I don't have money for food or laundry.
But maybe it's just me.

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