Monday, March 9, 2009

I swear, I be wearing blue in the worst way...

Quote of the day: "You know I won't leave you but won't wait forever..." - Lupe Fiasco

This blog is for Steven.

And for any other person who feels like their relationship is at a standstill.


First things first: I'm not a fearless person. So if I'm taking the time out to show you an intimate part of me, you should respect it, and take care of that piece that I'm giving you.

Secondly: I'm not a fan of wasting time. So if I'm feeling a person I don't want to keep getting mixed signals. Say what you feel instead of talking to me for a few months (or years) and in the manner of a day or question, contradict everything you've already shown me.

Am I making any sense?

Long story short: If I kiss you, kiss me back. And mean it. Plain & simple.


Life is too short to be stressed about a boo or boy/girlfriend. It's too short to be stuck on sucky emotions. Yet ironically, these emotions and people are the things that make Life the most meaningful.

You gotta hand it to God. King of fucking IRONY.

This advice is for every person who has ever talked to a chick/dude and felt that they had to pull back their emotions because their boo wasn't showing the same type of love.

This is advice is also for every person who ever wanted to make a move but was too afraid of the outcome.

If it seems real and right then go for it. Fuck all those doubts and fears! You never know when you're gonna stop breathing.

But if it's too much bullshit floating around the situation, let it go. Life is too short to be stuck on negative energy.


Take that to the heart, for real.

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  1. thats really funny cause i have the mean crush on u since we 1st started talkin shyt july to be exact but i fell back cause i didnt feel u felt the same about me