Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"I was rolling around in my mind, it occurred, what if God was a Her?"-Common

Faithful - Common

I'm such a nerd.

But I am cute nerd so shut the hell up.

I just finished reading the fifth installment in P.C. & Kristin Cast's House of Night series.


It was good. I'm a series type of girl. Gotta Love the sequels.

I like the House of Night Series (even if 1) the authors tend to babble a bit and I find it a tad bit annoying 2)they tend to let their imagination get a little too wild *cough* MUTATED VERSIONS OF RAVENS/HUMANS, BEHEADINGS AND A DARKNESS THAT GIVES ME HORRIBLE FREAKY NIGHTMARES *cough*)

But I also like the way they incorporate Cherokee traditions/legends, Greek Mythology , a little bit of something that sounds like Wicca (believing in nature so to speak, like the elements) and strangely enough religion. Yes, yes RELIGION.


That old thing.

In the House of Night series, the characters worship Nyx, the goddess of night. The Casts have made her an iconic symbol in the book and of course I love the fact that men and women can worship a woman. The traditional Christian belief of God being a guy and modified in their books.

So Nyx is a goddess. The women who follow her are born to be Matriarchs and the men who follow her are warriors, protectors and men of honor.

My kind of world.

Sadly, as much I would love to worship a goddess it's kind of hard for me shake any beliefs that don't deal with God being a Man and Father. Them daddy issues showing again, ain't they?

Well...If you come from a family of strong independent women and very few (like 2) dependable men, then the idea that God is a strong man/Father who can resist all of the horrible vices in the world and love and look out for you is heaven sent.

No pun intended. Seriously.

But all of this raises a question to me...

Can God and a Goddess coexist?

That's a great flipping question. A couple of weeks ago I was wondering if any form of Christianity, Wicca and/or Native American heritage/tradition can coexist.

It may be possible but then again it all depends on the individual.

And even if it were to happen, can 1 individual persuade of group of strong willed (not easily swayed) people to join in their beliefs? Without taking too much power to the head or using it for personal gain?

Or even better. Can that indivdual call themself a preacher/minister/priestess without looking and dressing and acting like a pimp?


Hmmm...Kind of reminds me of my old preacher. Ain't that a bitch?

I don't think that Pimp-like behavior would happen as often or flamboyantly if we had more women as ministers.

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