Saturday, May 22, 2010

I may have lied...


Don't hit me.

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My tumblr will definitely be for certain things....

But venting unfortunately is not one of them

The vibe is ALL wrong,

and I kinda miss being included with
Gwen (

and Ziggy (

I've forgotten what having an internet diary feels like.

And that is unforgivable.

So I am back.


No longer working at Old Slavery aka Old Navy but I do want another job.

Back home...long long story.

I love my godmother Kelly.

And I turned 19 on May 4th.

So those are the facts,

add me on oovoo or skype
(sunpainting, sun_painting1)

And I'll be back with another post about my usual bullshit. It feels good.

P.S. I hate these demon children walking around just WAITING to be smacked.

P.P.S. Blogger STILL acts retarded with uploading pics. So I'm definitely keeping my tumblr. (insert irritation HERE)

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! =)
    lmfao @ Old Slavery i'm
    trying to leave Charlotte Russe now.