Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yesterday I took the time to read every blog I've ever written on this site.

And while I must say it took some time

It was beyond entertaining.

It helped me remember what I like most about me

You see, even though I change and grow

And morph and form into something new

As my writing gets better and transforms into something


The heart that I put into it is the same.

I've grown.

And this is one time where I can look back and not be ashamed.

I am so proud of this blog.

I don't think I could ever leave it.

But I'm keeping my tumblr.

My new posts will be filled with the old and the new me

But I also want to embark on a new journey.

And since I don't like cake...

And you can't have your cake and eat it too....

I'm gonna make a whole bunch of cookies and call it a day.

Got a problem?

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