Saturday, May 22, 2010

And I Wish I Could Tell You But...

This is called a 10-1 (Ten To One)

Ten Different Things You Wish You Could Say To Ten Different People.

I will be doing this frequently.

It's getting closer to the day we first met.

I hope you still think about me.
Our park has a name you know.
Devoe Park.
Not that it matters anymore.

I think it's reaaaaaallly fucked up

That you aren't on my team.
Do I really deserve your disapproval?

I see your qualities. I admire you heavily.

Yet and still...
I still wonder what about you Hooked him like a fishing rod
What specifically baited him?
I'm guessing that your worm was a bit more impressive than mine.
I still wonder.

Because of her

I feel that we can never fully connect
On an artist's level.
I feel you have certain expectations.
You were looking for another peer (like her)
And I only amount to a protegee
One day I want to be on your level.

You still have eyes that cut like razors.

You think you could cut through me.
You could slice through my anatomy's blueprint
and STILL not know what the Hell you're reading.
There's no need for violence.
I hope you understand one day.

She doesn't deserve your anger.
I never knew that you could flip flop so easily.
How can you be mad at someone who shields me
From your misguided arrows?
Say what you will
But honestly,
This attitude of yours appalls and disgusts me.

I know I don't try hard enough.

There is no excuse.
I'm sorry.

I know exactly how you feel.

I would feel the same way
If I walked in your shoes.
I am sympathetic but I refuse
To let a good thing pass.
I think in the end we'll all be lonely.

I love you more than

My leaking voice box can squeak
I hope you don't know.
I wish that one day
You would see things as I do.
Try on my glasses.

You are worth so much more.

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