Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Time...

...For a 10-1

(Ten to One)

And what is a 10-1 you might ask?

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I knew that you would eventually find a girl
Who would be willing to be with you.
Who didn't leave subtle pauses
Between her palms and yours.
I'm happy for your gain.
But lately I've been feeling my loss.
Guess what they say is true.
About Karma that is.
The man I love pauses too.

When you finally do come back to my life
I won't be the same.
And you'll be okay with that
Because we are friends
True friends
And I'm glad.

Here is to new beginnings
Fluttering wings
Late night conversations
And growth in our flight
I love you chica.

I'm not sure where you fit in my life anymore
But I'm willing to let you go
Stop clinging
There are no strands
For you to hold onto.
Go live.

I make my own decisions.
I do what I please.
Because it is the best course for me.
You won't stop me.

You have never called me beautiful
It irks me.
But I've always known better.
Deep down
That's where I'm going to leave you.
Is as far as we go.

You're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
And I'm out.

I cannot wait to meet you again.
Mothers are like fine wine sometimes
They get better with age.
Let's toast to us.

I left you with the ashes too.
You keep trying to rebirth yourself.
Its okay friend,
I just might let you.

You are wonderful darling
But I shine a bit more brightly
It's either me or her.
I'm giving you the green light.
Tired of crying
Tired of waiting
And I already know your answer
I'm just ready for you to tell me to
I love you more than you know.
But you don't know that
I love me more.
Clock's ticking.

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