Monday, March 28, 2011

You Should Remember

I go ghost sometimes.

Sorry? I am. But don't I make it worth your while?

Yes! And if I don't, don't correct me!

I need my ego these days.

Here's a 10-1. Click that link to see what a 10-1 is if you're a new pair of eyes.

I have a couple of these.


You must have forgotten about my temper.

That I am Zeus in his arrogance.
Lightning ever ready.
You don't want to be the fried tree
In the way of a traveler's commute
Do you?

I have a problem

With seeing things
As I am.
You are not as I am.
You are a mixed blessing.
But hey, aren't they all?

You're only human.

You're no superwoman.

I remember Harlem

Toasted in the back of my neck
Biting at the frost of your arms.
I'll always remember.
But I can't forget I've moved on.

"You are very

Sure of yourself aren't you?"


Is like Time.
We just don't know where it will lead us.

My voice gets trapped in the furniture here.

How clever you have been!
Ensnaring my voice in wood,
Captivating my words in metal and linen.
You're counting on my insanity
Aren't you?


Isn't the only thing about us.
Isn't the only thing
I'm afraid of.

I'm old enough

To know a snake when I see one
To know a trap when I see one
To booby trap
To tame a beast
To gain a pet
If I want one.

You've never been wiser.

I've never been wiser.
Have never been


  1. hey keisha,

    Back after a Long Break


    Vijay[a simple blogger]

    Cool Blogs

  2. Hey Keish I am here! :) Just showin love.

  3. Dedicated reader awaiting new thoughts, Happy new year sincerely Malcolm (917 741 2250)