Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Need A Break.

No one understands how tired I am.

Nothing cuts it anymore.

I feel like I need a clean slate.

A fresh piece of paper.

A new notebook of a life.

I don't have to erase the lessons from my last one.

I just want to move on, be new, with this one.

I'm thinking of either taking a break from all social networks


Creating a new facebook or twitter, etc...

Where I can be a little less uncensored.

Where I can be a little more free.

Where nothing can haunt me.

Where I won't run into anything I don't want to remember or see.

The break sounds good for now.

Because everything is too much.

Everyone annoys me.

Everyone disappoints me.

And it's all in my face!!!!


A bullshit filter would be lovely.

As well as a No Exes Allowed

No Family Allowed

Only Inspiring, Real People


I just want to express myself without having to second guess it.

When's the last time you posted something

A Facebook Status, Blog Post, A Tweet

Without thinking about who is going to see it?


  1. yeah.I know. Sometimes I do then I go "What the heck?" . I guess we all need a break once in a while. Take it easy :)

  2. we all need a break once in a while :)
    i hope you feel better hun

  3. I dig this post can't say I remember the last time I really posted a status with a complete "I don't give a f**k" mentality. All I can say is let your mind flow through your pen/keys and have the chips fall where they may. Gotta be responsible for our own happiness, C'est la vie