Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Letter To All You Holiday Shoppers...

Dear Customers,

Although I appreciate your services, and the fact that by you shopping, I am employed...

Please do me a series of favors....

1. When you SEE ME and i do mean directly SEE ME trying to fix a messy display, respect it. I respect you by trying to make sure you can find whatever you're looking for. I'm not saying you gotta be all neat but just don't THROW THE FUCKIN TANK TOPS ALL OVER THE PLACE LADY. WTF? I JUST FIXED THEM! YOUR STUPID ASS DIDN'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO MAKE IT LOOK NEAT OR EVEN PUT IT IN THE RIGHT PLACE! And you sir! SHOES DON'T GO IN THE TANK TOP SECTION!

2. Please....Know what you want to buy when you are at the register. Don't get two bags worth of clothes and decide to sort it out at the register, knowing the lines are so damn long that they're going all the way to the entrance. STOP BEING AN INCONSIDERATE BASTARD FOR ONCE SO WE CAN ALL MOVE ALONG WITH OUR DAY!

3. Stop leaving your fuckin DIRTY PANTIES, PERIOD PADS and CONDOM WRAPPERS IN THE FITTING ROOM! It would be nice if you would stop ha
ving sex there too. But hey if you don't, when you come out of the fitting room after being there for over an hour i DEFINITELY have the right to ask if everything "fit okay". Or if you need a "bigger size".

4. If you leave weed in the fitting room, don't come back for it. It won't be there.

5. Guys would you please stop hitting on me on the salesfloor and in front of managers? It makes me look bad.

6. And finally, if I am courteous to you and have a smile on my face whenever you see me, I would appreciate the same courtesy. I work a 9 hour shift and I go to school so the fact that I have on a genuine smile at all is something to wonder about. If you're gonna act rude and obnoxious then you can take your cheap ass to expensive ass GAP and see if you can find a deal there.

[ side bar: I don't get why people were online at 3 a.m. on Black Friday for Old Navy when there is literally a sale EVERYDAY. It's OLD NAVY for pete's sake! ]

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

As you can see, work at Old Navy is definitely an experience.

But this paycheck I should be able to buy my new laptop since I killed
my other one.

More blogs coming soon. I'm putting the spotlight on a couple people so that should be fun.

And also, new aim: IceAndAshes7. So hit me up.




  1. lmao PREACH!
    I work @ Charlotte Russe so I know how you feel, trust.
    lol @ 4.

  2. lol, I never worked on the floor...well not having to fix clothes and, but I'd imagine how frustrating that can be.

  3. lol i work at the gap lol well baby gap/gap kids lol and true they r expensive lol (i use to work at old navy when my job close to remodle)

    i def understand where you are coming from with clothes being in the wrong place, the line being long and the customer is taking all day to figure out what she want. and here's the worse, when ur fixing a table and the customer see you fixing the table and they stil decided to go through the whole pile of shirts, when i asked her wat size she was lookin for just so she wont mess up the pile. smh i hate holiday time HATE IT lol

    i didnt work black friday thats the 1st time in 3yrs i didnt work on black friday. but i agree wit u =)

  4. jus want say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out, let us no wat u think. thank u

  5. girl, when i tell you i feel your pain i mean it with all the sincerity in my heart. old navy was straight DISGUSTING and i was so mad, even though i didn't work there i told the girl that was re-folding the jeans (after everyone threw them everywhere and i couldnt find what i wanted to save my life) i would help her if i didn't have to get on that long ass line, it was ridiculous

  6. I def can relate to most of what you say cuz.
    I work at old navy and people can be the worse lol. I like your blog and i'm gonna follow you. I dont wanna sound lame but I would def appreciate it if you would return the love - jay

  7. LOL!!! this brightened my mood!! i wasnt even tyna laugh right now!! geeesh!! you always bring it in the blogs!! even though u aint playing!! lol... i havent been on aim in a minute!!! im sign in and hit you UP!!!

  8. too funny !

    i think im on the verge of following ... hm.

    ( :