Sunday, September 19, 2010

Full Circle.

I remember the Fall with you.

Walks splintered into my stopwatch of a schedule.

Stanzas squeezed into the streaming of my pulse.

You held my hand once.

You remember?

I remember laying in the park with you.

Hesitation fed by petty grass stains.

This was before I wanted to untie the soul

You secretly twisted in your tongue.

It was simple then.

When I was still too afraid to be hopeful.

When I molded you out of

The freshest dirt in my day dream.

Before I got hit with a heart

Full of quaking bricks.

I remember your breath before the sunset.

The way a smile used to taste on you.

The way the sun winked at the hardened glass

In your eyes.

Back when I liked your eyes best.

When I didn't mind them being quiet

And safe.

I remember my frostbitten breathing.

Watching windows

And accepting the fog to them.

I remember the tears in the train station.

I remember your phone number.

I remember all the sweet words flexed away from me

The alcohol swished in your system

The truth you spilled because of it.

It's September again.

I remember the poisoned peace you never owed me.

The lead I still carry in my rib cage.

The way it weighs me down when I flit forward.

I remember silly poems.

And late night phone conversations.

I remember how you bit too hard

How I never had the guts to tell you.

And I keep wondering

If it was really that easy for you to forget.

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